Xaned Warrior

Space Shooter

The day is too short, the night is too short… play Xaned Warrior!

Do you have the guts to fight an interplanetary battle of life and death? How much are you willing to sacrifice to keep your family safe? How much effort are you prepared to put into bringing a family member back safely? Defeat the perpetrators, wipe the trails of the Milky Way clean and… become the hero of the universe!

Xaned Warrior – the day is too short, the night is too short, life is too short … play our cosmic game! Imagine a universe full of sinister nooks and crannies, where everyone shares the same ominous mission – to kill you, the King of the Linderful!

The Lord of the planet Xaned has kidnapped your brother. He knows full well that this is your weakness. There is a mission waiting for you: to embark on a long journey and not get killed. What are you waiting for? How are you going to cope? Who you can count on? Is Xaned going to take over the Earth?

Our fate depends just on you!

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