Tommy Jumper

Platform Game

Who said learning couldn’t be fun? Tommy Jumper is an excellent educational game that both children and adults will love.

It has been specifically designed with education in mind, and aims to strike the perfect balance between learning and leisure. It is packed with colourful illustrations and engaging characters – like our cute rabbit friend, Tommy!

How to jump higher? What to eat to grow stronger? What to avoid?

Tommy Jumper is a game that helps our children by expanding their range of concepts, reinforcing their development, and helps them learn while playing and having fun.

As we progress through the game, we learn more about goals, rules, adaptation, problem-solving and interaction. The game is designed to progressively meet our learning needs by providing enjoyment, emotions, involvement, motivation, ego gratification, adrenaline, creativity and social interaction.

Guide Tommy through the platforms and avoid all obstacles in order to move to the next level of the game and gain the highest points score possible. Whatever you do, don’t let him fall!

Are you ready to jump?

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